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Anyone that owns a dog knows what a mess bath time can be. Multiply that by 3 large hairy dogs – and the mess in my bathroom was like cleaning up after a cyclone. If it wasn’t bad enough having to wrangle them into the bath (one weighs 35 kilos!!!) or trying to stop them running through the house sopping wet – it was the clean up.

So with the help of my parents and my partner, Fablab Dog Wash & Grooming was founded in 2009.

In May 2017, Fablab Dog Wash & Grooming moved to larger premises in the heart of the Adelaide Hills and conveniently off the freeway, at Hahndorf.

Fablab continues to offer a professional range of services from washing, grooming and styling in a safe and friendly environment.

Fablab is open by appointment Monday - Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

No matter who grooms your dog, his/her health and well-being is the main priority. Regular washing and grooming helps to cement the bond between you while helping get rid of shedding hair and detecting any abnormalities such as lumps, cuts and parasites. And most of all he/she will look Fabulous….



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Salon Services

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